Beach Pebble Installation – How to Landscape with River Rock

How to Install Your Mexican Beach Pebbles: A Guide

Once your Mexican beach pebbles arrive, the next step is installation. We always recommend that you hire helpers to move your rock since it is very heavy. If you do it yourself, please consider your strength and stamina, wear a protective back belt, sturdy gloves and boots, and do not lift rocks if anything hurts.

A legal disclaimer required by our lawyers: Best Mexican Beach Pebbles is not responsible for any injuries during the delivery or installation process. Do not lift super sacks with a crane or similar equipment.

Beach Pebble Installation: Equipment

To properly install your beach pebbles, you will need a heavy-duty shovel, a good wheelbarrow or a heavy-duty vertical dolly, and several buckets (the standard 5-gallon buckets available at all major home improvement stores work fine).

You will also need landscaping cloth to prepare the area where you will place your beach pebbles. If this area has old vegetation, you will need to remove it first. If you plan to place your pebbles decoratively around trees, shrubs, or flowers, you will need to prepare the area with landscaping borders to keep your pebbles in place.

Mexican River Rock Installation: Process

Your pebbles will be delivered loose in large sacks (super sacks). You (or your workers) will then scoop pebbles in 5-gallon buckets. Make sure to not overfill the buckets as pebbles are rock and thus extremely heavy. The next step is to place one or two buckets in the wheelbarrow and take it to the desired location. Start with one bucket and, once you’ve got used to the weight and balancing, you can try to push two buckets at a time.

Finally, pour out your pebbles to cover the desired spot. With smaller pebbles we recommend installing them in at least 2-3 layers for the best look (this is about 2-3” deep). Make sure that the landscaping cloth is not visible. It is always better to place more pebbles than fewer because visible spots take away from that high-end look you want to achieve. Remember: if you come up short, you can always order more pebbles from us to match your existing ones.

After pebbles are placed, you are done! They will stay put and look elegant for many years to come. If the underlying soil was prepared properly, you should have no issues with weeds. Watering once in a while to remove debris and dust is all it takes to keep your beach pebble rock looking great. For more information, please contact us.

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