Questions and Answers

Some of the questions customers ask us frequently are answered below. We strive to provide excellent customer service, and no question is too small or too big.  As a very experienced Mexican landscape pebble provider, we understand that the decision to enhance your landscape with high quality pebbles requires careful research, planning, and coordinated execution. If you do not see your question here, please contact us for more information.

  • What is the difference between Mexican beach pebbles and river rock?

    These terms are often used interchangeably to descrbe the same product. In the western U.S., the term “Mexican beach pebbles” is more common, while in other locations the term “river rock” is used. Other terms used often are landscaping pebbles or decorative pebbles. Regardless of the name, our Mexican pebbles come directly from the beaches in Mexico, and they have a smooth surface due to the natural action of the ocean waves and sand.

  • What is your minimum order?

    Currently our minimum order for shipping is one unit, which is 3,000 lbs of rock (this equals 1.5 tons of pebbles).

  • Do you ship beach pebbles anywhere in the U.S.?

    Yes, we have years of experience shipping beach pebbles across the United States and we are experienced serving California, Florida, New York, and Texas beach pebbles customers, among other states.  We take care of all shipping arrangements, from the placement of your order until it arrives at your yard or street.

  • Do your beach pebble prices include shipping?

    Yes, our prices include shipping. Due to the specific nature of Mexican pebble stone (a very heavy product by definition), we use freight companies that are experienced in shipping bulk stone material and offer the best shipping rates.

  • How much beach pebbles do I need; what is the coverage of river rock?

    The amount of pebbles needed depends on the size.  We are happy to calculate the amount for you, and all we need are the dimensions of your beach pebble landscaping project, or the square footage.  For example, one unit (3,000 lbs) of ½-1” beach pebbles covers 165 sq. ft.  One unit (3,000 lbs) of 1-2” landscape pebbles covers 150 sq. ft.   One unit (3,000 lbs) of 2-3” Mexican pebbles covers 125 sq. ft. This coverage is based on a 2-3 layer application to ensure that nothing shows through and the final look is clean and uniform.

  • Is it cheaper if I order more pallets of beach pebbles?

    Our less-than-truckload pricing is based on pallets (super sacks).  The freight companies that ship pallets charge us by the pallet and do not give us any discounts for more pallets.  Therefore, it is the same price whether you buy one or more units.  If you’d like to save a lot of money and are interested in a large quantity, we can offer you our truckload beach pebble program.

  • How many lbs or tons is one cubic yard of beach pebbles?

    One cubic yard of landscape beach pebbles is roughly equivalent to 2,500 lbs.

  • I live in San Diego; can I pick up my order?

    Yes, we offer pick up for local customers.  Please note that pick-up is by appointment only. Usually orders can be picked up Monday-Saturday from 10 am-6 pm.  E-mail or call 760-579-2871 to confirm your appointment.

  • What is the pick-up location?

    Our San Diego rock yard is located at 7961 Airway Road, San Diego, CA 92154.

  • Can I get samples of your Mexican pebbles?

    Yes, we sell samples and will gladly mail you a small, medium, or large box.  In situations where a very particular shade and/or size river rock is required, we highly recommend obtaining samples first. Please email to obtain samples.

  • How are your Mexican pebbles packaged?

    We offer various packaging options.  Our standard packaging is super sacks.  These are large bags that hold loose pebbles.  Super sacks are secured on wooden pallets for delivery.  They are not shrink-wrapped.  Shrink-wrap, bagging in any size plastic bags, baskets, and other packaging options are available.  Please contact us if you need more information.

  • How will you deliver my beach pebbles?

    Our freight companies deliver beach pebbles that are placed in super sacks and secured on wooden pallets.  If you do not have a forklift, we will send a truck with a lift gate, which will be used to lower your pallets onto the ground.  Depending on the specifications of your street / driveway / parking lot, pallets will be placed at an appropriate location.  Often, this means on the street next to your driveway. Pebbles will not be dumped out of the bags in a large pile.

  • Will I know ahead when my river rock will be delivered?

    Yes, the freight company will contact you at least several days before the proposed delivery date to set up the precise delivery date and time.  It is required that you or somebody else (the receiving person) are at the location at that time to receive the shipment.  Our freight companies will work with you to set the day and time that is convenient for your to receive.  When available, we provide tracking codes that allow you to track your shipment online in real time.

  • What is the expected delivery time; how long does it take to get my pebbles?

    The exact delivery time depends on your location and whether you order standard size & color pebbles, or whether your order requires custom mining and sorting at our beaches in Mexico.  Delivery times can therefore range from a few days to several weeks. We can always give you a delivery estimate before you place your order.

  • Do your landscape beach pebbles run large?

    Yes, all our sizes tend to run large.  If you require a very precise size, please let us know before placing your order so that we can make arrangements and get you precisely the rock that you need.

  • I am confused – are the black beach pebbles really black or grey stones?

    What the industry refers to as “black beach pebbles” in reality are a range of grey-to-dark grey pebbles.  There are no pitch black Mexican beach pebbles in nature.  If in doubt, ask us for pictures or order samples to confirm the desired color.

  • Will beach pebbles stay put and not move with snow and ice?

    Beach pebbles are heavy enough and normally do not move with the melting snow. So far none of our customers from the Northeast and Northern states have encountered any problems with snow and ice.

  • Will my leaf blower move or disrupt my beach pebbles?

    Unless you order very tiny beach pebbles (mm sizes), the leaf blower will not disrupt your pebbles.

  • What type of payments do you accept?

    We can take your payment through the PayPal invoicing system, and we also accept company checks and all major credit cards.

  • How long will my Mexican beach pebbles last?

    Natural beach pebbles are an excellent investment, which enhances the curb-appeal and the value of your property.  Since no chemicals are applied to our naturally smooth landscaping pebbles, they will last for a very, very, very long time.

Mexican beach pebbles is all we do, and we have years of experience providing customers throughout the United States with the highest quality landscape pebbles. If you are unsure about the color, size, shape, or any other aspects of your landscape project, contact us and we will gladly share our insights and experience. We also welcome pictures or drawings of your dream landscape, and we will work with you to figure out exactly what type and how much of our beach pebbles (Mexican river rock) you need to accomplish your goal.