Landscape Project Pictures

Over the years, numerous projects have been completed using our beach pebbles. In addition to using river rock as a ground covering, many people have created dry rivers, water features, and planter borders. Because of their smoothness, our landscape pebbles have also been used in many pool areas – both around the pools, and also for pool walls (the mm-sized pool pebbles). Yet other uses include Japanese gardens, succulent / desert gardens, and even a miniature Manhattan roof-top Zen garden complete with miniature trees.

Please note that we can match any of the below pebble sizes and colors, and most of them are in-stock items. For more information, contact us now.

What Color and Size Pebbles Should I Order?

If you have a general idea of your desired look but are unsure about the exact color and size of the pebbles, let us know. We will gladly work with you to make sure you get the most appropriate pebble stone for your project. Please keep in mind that pebble colors look different depending on the light conditions, surroundings, and (most importantly) whether they are wet or dry. Wet pebbles are exceptionally shiny, and all the little color variations within each single pebble stand out. Dry pebbles are more uniformly-colored. However, there are no perfectly evenly colored stones in nature; therefore, all our colors are ranges of shades (for example, “black” pebbles are a range of grey to dark-grey shades, and in certain light they have a bluish tinge).

The best way to order exactly what you want is to send us pictures and to order samples. When sending pictures, please try to take shots from various angles. Ideally, you would also have pictures showing pebbles in various light conditions. If you only have a few stones, please select those that represent your desired color range.

Sizing is usually easier to determine than color. All standard pebble sizes are a range: for example, 1-2” and 2-3” pebbles. Within this range, there will be variously shaped stones. All of them are naturally smooth; however, not all are completely flat – instead, some might be more rounded. Please keep in mind that, when installed, they will look mainly flat.

Custom Color, Size, and Shape Beach Pebbles

If your project requires a very precise color or size and shape, please let us know. We will work with you and get you your desired material as a special order. Sine we own and operate our own beaches, we have the capacity to hand-select unique pebbles. Please note that different pricing applies to custom orders, depending on the exact specs.