How We Produce Our Mexican Pebble Stone Products


Our process begins with a 9-mile-long pristine, plentiful pebble beach in Baja California. We collect beach pebbles by hand, one-by-one. We use no heavy equipment for this task. This process allows us to inspect every beach pebble for size, shape and color. Unlike many other companies, we discard most broken, irregular and uneven stones. Our detail-oriented process also allows us to offer more sizes and colors of river rocks than anyone else.

Best Mexican Beach Pebbles™ is proud to maintain strict quality controls. After the initial sorting, our pebbles are sorted again to ensure uniform size, color and shape. We package our beach pebbles in super sacks, wire baskets* (additional charges apply) or poly-bags (6 mm). We maintain large inventories at our warehouse in San Diego, CA, which allows us to fill and ship orders quickly.

Unique Custom Orders

Our handpicked process also allows us to fill unique custom orders. We can supply Mexican pebble stone that will match (or contrast) the shade of your project. For example, if you need to match the marble of a commercial lobby with a particular shade of beach pebbles, we can pick, sort and provide that particular color and quantity. We will work with you to ensure that your project looks absolutely perfect.